TechnoDerma completed tens of millions of A+ financing

Release time: 2023-01-13 Article source: 澳门355彩票娱乐

On January 13, TechnoDerma announced that it has recently completed a series A+ financing of tens of millions of RMB. Benefit from the capital market's favor and high recognition of the company's hair and eczema dermatitis clinical pipelines, the company has obtained the support and empowerment of Chengdu Biocity No. 1 Equity Investment Fund and Chengdu High-tech New Economy Venture Capital Co., Ltd. in this round of financing.

"Seek life in difficult situations and seek development in adversity!" Dr. Wang Zengquan, founder and CEO of TechnoDerma said. TechnoDerma has maintained stable and high efficiency in drug research and development under the background of the covid-19 epidemic and global economic recessionin 2022. TechnoDerma steadily promoted clinical pipelines, and actively introduced new fund partners. The company's clinical trials of new drugs have achieved milestones, and the A+ round of financing has been successfully completed.